Astrid S – Emotion

“I’m sure that it’s good noise.”


Tim: Is it good noise? I’m not sure. I think it is.

Tom: I’m sure that it’s good noise. What I like is that these are chord progressions and melodies that you could hear in schlager, and drums that you could have heard in a Phil Collins track decades ago, but they’re applied to a really Intense Big Dark Modern Production.

Tim: It almost, in fact, reminds me of the dark days of dubstep five or six years ago, where we’d get a nice melodic verse and chorus before suddenly a HRRRRRRNNKK VWOMP VWOMP VWORP NEEEEEEEOOOOOWWW would come along and ruin everything. It’s not nearly as bad as that here, of course, not least because the only time it really happens so suddenly is after the first chorus – after that, I’m slightly prepared for it, and it has vocals layered on top which calms it down somewhat.

Tom: My only complaint — and let’s take a moment to appreciate how rare those words are here — is that because everything’s compressed so hard, the mroe subtle instrumentation gets swamped under the BIG NOISE. But overall, yeah, I really like this. It’s not BIG VWORP DUBSTEP, it’s something much better.

Tim: It’s also, obviously, nowhere near as harsh a sound, so, yeah, overall I think it’s good noise. Positive, at least.

Tom: I hit replay immediately after listening, and I sang along with the chorus. That’s everything I want in a pop song. This is great.

1 thought on “Astrid S – Emotion”

  1. Something has been done to this track in post (possibly the compression of which you speak, I know fuck-all about sound editing) which makes it physically painful to listen to, like the auditory equivalent of trying to make out a football game in a poorly lit stadium during a blinding rainstorm when you’re in the nosebleed section. I’m sure there’s music under the way this is making my ears feel like they’re being electrocuted, I just can’t quite put a shape to it because I’m too distracted by the whole ears-being-electocuted bit. This happens to me every now and then with songs from a wide range of genres, and I’d be tempted to think it’s maybe a white noise hum left in by a forgetful, older engineer, kind of like how that video of Tom’s with the CRT hum was unwatchable for me and many others (thanks for… never uploading a fixed version of that btw) but people much younger than I are driving the sales of many of these songs so that can’t be it, can it?

    Also, bold of you to say anything about chord progression when analyzing a genre/group of genres built on using as few of them as realistically possible

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