Darin – Identitetslös

“Are we listening to the same chorus?”

Tim: New one off Darin, who seems to be struggling with a crisis of confidence – who is he, where does he belong? He is, in fact, a man without identity, or at least that’s what these lyrics would have us believe.

Tim: And oh my good LORD that’s a great chorus. We’ve not featured Darin much recently because his tracks have all been a bit damp or guitary or non-notable.

Tom: Yeah, to be fair, in that first paragraph I wasn’t sure whether you were talking about the song or about Darin himself.

Tim: Hmm, either could have worked I suppose, and really I was a tad worried with the opening verse that this would be much of the same. That chorus, though, comes straight off his Lovekiller album from way back when we started this site – in fact, stylistically it reminds me somewhat of Melodifestivalen 2010 finalist You’re Out Of My Life (and there’s a stunner of key change in there, btw).

Tom: Are we listening to the same chorus? This is just a bit dull. What on earth do you like about it?

Tim: The vocal sits nicely with the message in the lyrics, with the melancholy coming across nicely in the pre-chorus, and then we’ve got a nice loud chorus with drums and synth patches, strings rolling throughout and extra vocals howling along in the background. Sure, it’s bit slow, but that fits with the tone and basically, Darin is back to producing Great Pop Choruses. I am very much all in for that.

Tom: Nope. Not with you. It’s sitting in a horrible middle ground: it’s not fun, it’s not deep and emotional, it’s just… you know, I genuinely think it’s dull enough that I can’t think of a decent adjective to end that sentence with.

Tim: Oh. Well, I couldn’t disagree more, so I’ll end this with FABULOUS.