DJ Ötzi – Bella Ciao

“It’s like a better version of Alan Walker’s trilogy.”

Tom: Wait. This isn’t a Flashback?

Tim: Oh, hell no – he’s still going very strong, and in fact in January he’s got a “20 Years of DJ Ötzi – Party Without End” album coming out. Anyway, I had a bit of a rubbish day yesterday, so naturally when I discovered DJ Ötzi had a new track out (the first of the new tracks from the aforementioned album) I thought “oh, this’ll cheer me up”. It took a worrying 55 seconds to do it, but it did.

Tom: Good heavens, it feels wrong for DJ Ötzi to have drone shots in his video. It’s all very… modern. But unlike you, I was cheered up at the start: I trusted that old, clichéd clap sample.

Tim: Now I don’t want to get too deep down into the video, because if I did I’ll ask questions like why are there several dozen people in weird Jeremy Corbyn outfits when there were only five invitations sent out, and then where did they all go?

Tom: It’s like a better version of Alan Walker’s trilogy. But yes, perhaps best not to ask too many questions.

Tim: So instead we’ll talk about accordions, brass, LIVING, chanting, wildlife parks and a pleasantly placed key change.

Tom: “Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao” is such a terrible chorus melody, though.

Tim: Won’t deny that, and it’ll probably not go down in musical history as an Ötzi classic, but there’s a nice combination of everything here that means it’ll do the job. So in honour of that album coming out, everyone together: “LASS UNS LEBEN!”