Isle of You – Backseat Ceremony

“Ah, so we’re doing CHVRCHES now.”

Tim: If you’ll recall, Mindcrime (Isle of You’s last track we featured) was absolutely flipping brilliant. This one, well, anything would struggle to live up to that, but take a listen anyway.

Tim: I think I’ve mentioned this before (probably on an Alan Walker track), but I’ll always find it a bit weird how sometimes I’ll immediately associate particular with one single act. Alan has his twiddling volume thing, Kygo has his variant of tropical house, Galantis have got their sound (though Sigala’s starting to encroach) and Avril Lavigne has female-fronted pop rock. And eight seconds after pressing play on this, I thought “ah, so we’re doing CHVRCHES now”. That’s a compliment, really, because if a song gets me immediately thinking of one of the best pop acts around the moment, they can’t be doing much wrong. It takes a while to get going properly, admittedly, but by halfway through when the second chorus around and we’re all in for the rest of the song, well that’s just lovely. Sounding good all round, despite being almost entirely different the S Club stylings of their last track. Nice.