SANNI – Kautis Koti

“If in 2022 we’re all nostalgic for screechcore, I won’t be surprised.”

Tim: Title translates as ‘Beautiful Home’, but first a quick clarification, because I had to check: this is not Sannie (Danish, previously known as Whigfield), but is instead SANNI (Finnish, not previously known as Whigfield). You’d probably have got that from the sound, anyway, but still.

Tim: Nice sound, isn’t it, and not one that we’ve heard much before – starts out like so many ballads do, but then you get unusual sounding instruments and synths, and voice that may or may not have had some sort of effect applied to it and it all makes it so much more interesting.

Tom: Mm. My thoughts weren’t “nice sound”: that distorted screeching just doesn’t sound good to me. I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a new trend: I’m not sure I want my brain to get used to that. Still, if in 2022 we’re all nostalgic for screechcore, I won’t be surprised.

Tim: Top that off with the gradual build that comes in throughout the song, and from the halfway point I am all in, because just sounds so great.

Tom: I’m with you there. Even the screeching in the middle eight can’t distract from just how good the composition is.

Tim: As for the lyrics, well, Google Translate’s never been all that when it comes to Finnish, but as best I can tell we’ve something like “we’ve a beautiful, but our love’s not exactly what it once was”. A fairly sad message, sure but the first line of the chorus talks about going to Ikea, so that redeems it for me. All in: I really like this.

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  1. pardon my French but whose dick do I have to suck to get half the videos y’all post to work on my side of the pond… honestly this is getting ridiculous

    1. regio lock has got to be in the top 10 of the worst shit Youtube (the site itself, not the users) has brought to the world

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