Tim Schou – Run Run Run Run Run

“Significantly less entertaining than the video that accompanies it.”

Tim: Top name, this lad, and here we have a song that’s significantly less entertaining than the video that accompanies it. But let’s have a gander anyway.

Tom: It was nice of Portugal. The Man to let him borrow their bassline, wasn’t it? Sadly that is pretty much the best part of the track. As for that video…

Tim: TIMMY TIME is without a doubt my single favourite moment of that video, but the cartoon Tim riding a flying rainbow horse is pretty good as well, I must say. An interesting tale is told, and while it’s not a situation I’ve ever found myself in I’m sure it can be fairly traumatic.

Tom: Mm. I’m not convinced: I’m always irritated by music videos that just tell the story of the song when there’s an opportunity to do more. The animation doesn’t help, nor does the blatant “Look, A Woman Disrobing But Not Too Far”.

Tim: As far as the song goes, it’s somewhat ear-wormy, and that underlying humming does get a bit much after a couple of listens, but it’s not unenjoyable.

Not a patch on that video, though.