Alex Weit – By Your Side

“Wow, that starts well.”

Tim: New Swede (well, not new, he’s 20, but new at music anyway).

Tom: “New Swede” is also a good name for a band.

Tim: And this is “a story of two people that really fancy each other, but one of them is scared of love. So they cancel their first date and, instead, they both stay home, fantasising about what could have been if things would have played out differently.” Enjoy.

Tom: Wow, that starts well. That’s such a good intro. I realise I’m talking about three seconds of mostly synth effects there, but still.

Tim: And that is a song with a lot of promise, that’s builds and builds and then just…plateaus. Verses, first two choruses, middle eight, all decent and regular, but then towards the end you’ve just got a repeat of the chorus (admittedly not unheard of, but also not particularly inspiring), and a segue into what’s basically in a TV chat show theme tune.

Tom: Huh. You’re right. A lot of good ingredients, but not quite mixed together right.

Tim: And that’s harsh, but…it’s also true, and I really wish it wasn’t.

Tom: It’s a really, really good TV chat show theme tune though.