Andreas Wijk – NuMb ❄︎

“I’m really happy for you! Guess what!”

Tom: Our first emoji in a title! I wondered how long it’d be.

Tim: Yeah – I don’t know why there’s a snowflake in the title of this song, not do I know why it’s not on the artwork but is on everything else to do with the song. Probably for the same reason the M is capitalised; again, though, no idea. Shall we have a listen anyway?

Tom: I bet it’s less exciting than the emoji in the title.

Tim: Now, I don’t know exactly how to describe the type of chorus that this is that I quite like – the male vocal that’s partly shouty but still with enough non-shoutiness to convey proper emotion. It’s on display here, and also, taking one example that springs to mind, Oscar Zia’s Human from a couple of years back. Perhaps an acquired taste, but when it’s done properly it just seems to do it for me.

Tom: I’m really happy for you! Guess what!

Tim: It doesn’t do it for you?

Tom: It doesn’t do anything for me, and I’m wondering if my ears are burnt out or something. So many pop tracks, so few that actually make me sit up and listen.

Tim: That’s a shame, because here I’m happy to say that it is done properly, and it does do it for me – and that that pretty much infects the rest of the song, providing an enjoyable voice and an overall decent song. Still don’t get the snowflake, mind, but I’ll let it pass.

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  1. oh my god you guys are still doing this? -not that im thinking that this is a waste of time but really you two must have some really good dedication skills to continue this

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