Berislav – I Gave My Life

Tim: “Duran Duran meets Game of Thrones” says the subject line of the PR email for this Croatian guy’s track, and apparently, this song’s “the first part of a trilogy, the beginning of a dramatic journey, the clash between life and death.” Standard overblown guff, you might think, once you throw in the “utterly unique” and “tour de force”, and, well, have a listen.

Tim: It reminds me of the brief trend in the mid-noughties for sticking dance music on top of orchestral backing, largely because that’s exactly what this is, and I like that. The voice works on top of it, and the Duran Duran vibes are…yeah, I’ll give them that. For what it wants to be doing as a song, it’s fairly good. I do wonder if they’re overhyping the whole project a bit, though, as for all they’re bigging up the video, it’s no more overblown or arty than we’ve seen in previous ones. Hell, compared to Alan Walker’s trilogy opener it’s really rather tame.

Still, listenable track, though.