Brother Leo – Push Up

“Look, love, I know you’re interested, so do you wanna just get over here or what?”

Tim: “Look, love, I know you’re interested, so do you wanna just get over here or what?”

Tom: This sounds like an interesting track.

Tom: Well, that sounds uncomfortably like Blurred Lines in places, doesn’t it? I mean, not in the message, thankfully, but it feels like there’s at least a little inspiration there. Or at least, the same inspiration that Blurred Lines got sued for.

Tim: Yeah, and it’s not often I find myself really, really liking this genre of music. The funky, soul type stuff (which is apparently what this is inspired by) has never really got me going much, and I downright hated Blurred Lines. Every now and again, though, a track like this will come along that I just really enjoy, and think “ooh, this is fun”. Because it is, isn’t it? The message in the lyrics and the video both help a lot, I think, adding to the fun vibe that it’s got going on throughout, and all round it’s just pretty…nice.

Tom: “Nice” can be damning with faint praise. For me, it is: there’s a lot to like here, it’s just not quite my cup of tea. You sure you want to go with “nice”?

Tim: Oh, well not when you put it like that. Better than nice. Certainly relistenable.

1 thought on “Brother Leo – Push Up”

  1. Hmm. I don’t hate this. I’m not sure if I’d seek it out for a relisten but I probably wouldn’t be annoyed if it came on in the background at work or a party or something.

    I’m fairly sure the horn band in this isn’t real and is just computer generated like most backing tracks in pop these days. Real or not, it really doesn’t go anywhere over the course of the song, which, y’know, runs counter to the point of having a horn band. (Nigh unto fifty years on, Chicago remains one of the best examples of what a good horn band can do to shape your songs, if you need an example of what my expectations are… that or Maynard Ferguson.)

    That insipidness is coming from both the performance which is rather robotic (again, probably actually robotic) and the arrangement which gives it nowhere to go. So I think letting a real horn band and an arranger who knows what to do with them loose on this song would help it out a lot. After that, strengthen the ending and make the vocal performance a bit less affected-sounding and we might have something actually seriously likeable.

    Also I still haven’t gotten tired of Hope and Glory, and keep singing it to myself even when I’m not listening to it? I really do like that song, wow

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