LÉON – Falling

“Finding out this was a four-minute track did not help my reaction.”

Tim: We’ve never featured LÉON (apparently the capitals are necessary) before, though she’s been going a while.

Tom: If you’re going to have a name that’s all in capitals like that, then in my head it’s going to be SHOUTED every TIME. Anyway, who’s LÉON?

Tim: She’s off Sweden, and her latest is this.

Tim: Want to break up, get back together, need to break up again, rinse and repeat until you get a fairly listenable track from it – a process that’s worked for many other acts, and I’m fairly sure it mostly works here as well, no?

Tom: I mean, it does, but that’s a load-bearing “mostly” in that sentence.

Tim: Well, yeah. Sure, we’ve competent vocals and a strong backing, but it doesn’t half sound a little bit slow, to the extent that even by the three minute mark I was thinking “blimey, are we not done yet?”.

Tom: That kicked in at two minutes thirty for me. Finding out this was a four-minute track did not help my reaction.

Tim: Aside from that, it’s fine: nice to listen to, wouldn’t complain about hearing it. Though I think that there is a textbook example of ‘damning with faint praise’, isn’t it?

Tom: Welcome to the club, Tim.