Penthox – Call Upon

“There’s always something that doesn’t seem right, isn’t there?”

Tim: He’s from Sweden, he’s young-ish (Soundcloud bio says 18, but the account’s been there since 2013, so who knows), and he makes stuff like this, his latest.

Tim: And I like that.

Tom: Huh. I wasn’t expecting to for some reason — it’s probably just my standard unimpressed-by-default — but I perked up at just the intro and verse.

Tim: Admittedly, I don’t really have much to say beyond that, but as a dance track, it pushes all the right buttons. Sometimes – hell, frequently — that’s all I need. A track I like, and can ‘wooooo’ along to when the time comes for it.

Tom: The trouble is, Tim: I don’t like those ‘wooooo’s. The rest isn’t bad at all, particularly that pre-chorus, but… agh, there’s always something that doesn’t seem right, isn’t there?

Tim: Sadly, it seems so.

1 thought on “Penthox – Call Upon”

  1. With just a few tiny adjustments to the melody I’d like this. As is it’s just a smidge too repetitive. Also the electronically-babified echo has to go… that trend should have died before it ruined Imagine Dragons and every passing second of borrowed time it lives on makes me angrier. I’m pretty against human-voice-based samples in general – Selena Gomez’s It Ain’t Me is a good example of why, that dance break is about what I imagine having a stroke must sound like – but using a computer to make them sound even more unpleasant is a surefire way to make me turn the radio off when I hear the first note of your song.

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