Lisa Ajax – Terribly Good Xmas

“Please, anybody, just come and keep me company”

Tom: Is this another track where I have to ignore the title? Because I feel like I have to ignore the title on this.

Tim: You do. Because I mentioned on Friday how Christmas songs are full of clich├ęs, and songs fitting into various categories: love songs, heartbreak songs, celebratory songs, miserable songs – your basic ones. We don’t get that many songs that are just “please, anybody, just come and keep me company”, though.

Tim: I say that, it’s not actually the first time Lisa’s done a song like this, though her one two years ago was slightly more specific. Here, she’s just hoping for anyone. An unusual look, sure, but I guess it takes a strong person to come right out and be this desperate, so fair play to her for that.

Tom: And you know what? This is actually not a bad song. Even the “terribly good” bit from the title, which I thought was going to be a nightmare, seems to work in context. This is fun! It’s not going on my Christmas playlist any time soon — if I had a Christmas playlist — but it’s not hateful. By my standards, that’s practically a ringing endorsement.

Tim: Lyrics aside (as I’ll accept they do get a bit annoying with the whole “I deserve this” attitude) I reckon it’s a nice song – I like the style, I like the melody, and sure the verses are a bit too quiet for my liking, the chorus hits the right level. So yeah – overall, I’ll take this.

SO, by my count, we now have 7 out of 12 Christmas songs that you’ve said positive things about! So unless I spoil it all tomorrow with a song you absolutely hate, I think we can call this year a success.