Mila Nile – Young Hearts

“I got distracted by singing Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’ over the first verse.”

Tim: A Swede, here, and while normally I’ve a fairly good idea of whether or not you’ll like a track, here I have absolutely no idea.

Tom: A grand total of 38 views as I write this. I’m surprised it’s a proper release. Then I got distracted by singing Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” over the first verse.

Tim: For me, you see, it was full of ups and downs – the initial ten seconds were slightly off-putting, the verse was alright, and the chorus was then a pleasant surprise (particularly the “I’m cliché but it’s true”, though I’m not entirely sure why). The post-chorus is fab, and it’s also pleasing that the second verse doesn’t dip down for too long before coming right back up again.

Tom: There’s nothing in here I dislike! Sadly, there’s also nothing that particularly makes me want to go ‘oh, I must listen to that again immediately’, but I think that might be why you couldn’t predict my reaction. It’s a good track. It’s solid.

Tim: I’m not entirely sure if I like the odd sound effect leading into the second chorus, but then that middle eight is lovely. Up and down, up and down, but all put together, I’m fairly sure I really like this.

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  1. The bones of this – melody and lyrics – are decent. If it was done in a style that was more straightforward and less weird vague aesthetic nonsense I might be into it, but as is… meh. It’s a little too everything I dislike about Ellie Goulding for my tastes.

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