Nabiha – Christmas Feels

“I ask you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to look past that god awful title.”

Tim: Only a few days left, so let’s get back to Christmas with this, from Danish singer Nabiha. Tom, I ask you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to look past that god awful title, because that word doesn’t appear even once in the song. Think of it as being entirely untitled, why not.

Tom: I’m glad you gave me that warning. What an awful, awful title for a… not bad song? It’s in the old traditions, the singer has a great voice, and I see what they were aiming for.

Tim: Occasionally, Tom, I get where you’re coming from with Christmas songs, because GOD are they full of clichés.

Tom: Yes. The disappointing thing here is the clunky lyrics and, frankly, depressing message.

Tim: Here, we’ve got the standard ‘trying to enjoy myself but I just can’t because I’m not with you’. Except, let’s read far too much into these lyrics. In particular, that outro – “I’m in tears and it’s the same, every damn year on the holiday”. Because…man, that’s upsetting. I don’t know how long it’s been since the break up this song centres on happened, but if we’re saying every then it’s got to be at least three or four years back. And she’s still not over it, and has no indication that it’ll every change?

Oof, that’s just…that’s kind of depressing, and I almost wish I hadn’t noticed it.

Tom: That’s fair, I wish you hadn’t pointed it out to me.

Tim: Fair. In that case, let me cheer you up by pointing out what’s almost the reverse: in your favourite, The Darkness’ Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End), we have Justin Hawkins praying ‘each and every Christmas Day that it won’t end’ – implying it never actually does. And how nice is that?

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  1. Alternatively she’s just really shit at holding down a date long-term and always manages to get broken up with just as the season starts. Not the same person every year, nor still wallowing in her grief years after the fact, but still a consistent pattern.

    Changing t he subject complet ely, how much do I have to pay t he designer of t he main font used in t he vid t o fix t heir shit t y kerning?

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