Pitbull feat. Rhea – Ocean To Ocean

Tom: I guess we should talk about this.

Tim: Oh, boy should we talk about this.

Tom: Here’s the thing: the internet has recently decided that it loves Toto’s Africa , to the extent that Weezer were essentially bullied into covering it. That cover is getting a surprising amount of US airplay.

Given that, I can absolutely see why Pitbull took this and ran with it. The internet has already decided it hates him; why not lean into it and enjoy the royalties?

Tom: CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: for the parts that involve anyone and anything other than Pitbull, this cover of Africa is better than Weezer’s cover of Africa. It does something different and interesting! There’s a proper drum fill! There are even, I think, some interesting harmony parts going on in the background of that chorus.

Tim: Do you know, I don’t disagree with a single word of that. You’re right, it’s really good.

Tom: This is pretty much what an Almighty Records cover of Africa would be like, and I think we can agree that’d be an amazing cover if it existed.

Tim: Hands down.

Tom: The problem is, of course, Pitbull, doing the exact self-aggrandising schtick he’s been doing for years.

Tim: Yes. He is, basically, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj and Wally Williams all rolled into one. There was potential – and he blew it. Dick.

2 thoughts on “Pitbull feat. Rhea – Ocean To Ocean”

  1. recently? at least in tumblr circles it’s been taking a lot to drag me away from you for over five years now, which in internet time is basically forever. (not to mention the song slapped before internet culture gave a rip about it.)

    I don’t honestly mind Pitbull being Pitbull, but this is no Feel This Moment (laugh all you like, I find that song fun to dance to). I found the Weezer cover pretty meh too, despite liking a lot of the Classic Weezer Library™.

    Really the only cover of Africa I’ve ever considered worth bothering with is the Straight No Chaser one ( https://youtu.be/YXej3mzYndw ) and even that has issues: it doesn’t harmonize the chorus the way I’d like to see in an a cappella version, and when the rhythmic bassline cuts out it feels very static. Africa is just such a good song to begin with that covers mostly feel like poor imitations. Definitely fun to scream along to in the car with nobody watching though.

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