The Fizz – Don’t Start Without Me (Extended Mix)

“According to MATHEMATICS, 48.9% better.”

Tom: Oh no.

Tim: OH YES. Tom, I know you’ll hate that we are featuring this, and part of me wants to apologise for just saying: I don’t care.

Tom: Tim, the original version was… not a great track. We talked about this. They sing “toot toot”, unironically. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why you think th–

Tim: Look, it’s one of the very best songs of the year, and although we’ve already featured the regular version, the other day I discovered this extended version (thanks, Siri), which is, according to MATHEMATICS, 48.9% better. What better a track to feature on Christmas Day, then?

Tom: I’d say “literally anything else”, but I’m sure you’d find something.

Tim: Toot toot! If you want to get revenge on me at some point, I’ll accept that. But right now, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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  1. Y’all okay? I only ask because you haven’t updated for a few days and a cursory look back at the last few Decembers shows you don’t normally take a break around this time, so I thought I’d check

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