Chloe Adams – Young Forever

“We go firmly into ‘BLOODY HELL’ territory.”

Tim: Our reader, Rob, sends this in rather favourably; last time we featured Chloe eighteen months ago, you said “blimey, that’s good”.

Tom: And now I can’t remember it at all! Although, listening back, yeah, I agree with what earlier-me said.

Tim: Care to see if it’s two for two?

Tom: Well done to the video designer for bothering to animate (what I assume are) the correct piano keys.

Tim: So, I’m going to describe that as ‘pretty good’, until about the halfway point. Because come then, we go firmly into “BLOODY HELL” territory.

Tom: That stripped-down early chorus is really good; but then the whole track decides to go all Kings of Leon and it’s just, well: I think you’re right, it’s two-for-two.

Tim: The song is good enough already, but BLIMEY that middle eight sounds incredible; I’ve played it six or seven times now and it’s not getting old, and nor is the drumbeat out of that into the final section, or indeed the bit right towards the end with the repeated “we’ll be young forever”, which has somehow ended up underneath the underlying chanting, which is an achievement in itself really.

Tom: The production is top-notch on this: balancing all these different elements, all of which want to be at the front, is a really, really difficult task.

Tim: As for the lyrics, Chloe’s made a video about it explaining that she doesn’t literally think she’s going to be physically young forever, which you’d think wouldn’t need explaining but maybe it does. Instead it’s keeping the mind young, and the outlook, and doing things your parents always say they wished they’d done. So there you go. Do the things.

Tom: It’s even got a message I can get behind. And after one listen, I could hum the chorus. Well done, Tim: you’ve sent me a song I actually like.