Isle of You – Change Of Heart

“Still good? I’d say still good.”

Tom: Why do I know that name? Have we talked about them before?

Tim: Indeed, and at the risk of setting undue expectations, they’ve been rather well received, largely because their synth-style sits bang in the middle of ‘yep, this is CHVRCHES’ territory. So, bearing that in mind…

Tim: Still good? I’d say still good.

Tom: I don’t like that pre-chorus or middle eight! There are plenty of bits I do like, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get over the rest of it.

Tim: Oh, shame, because I’ve little negative to say here It’s not as loud as previously, but in this case it’s not remotely a bad thing, because it gives everything a better chance to be heard properly and appreciated bit by bit. The great voice, the nice instruments, and generally just the…wholeness of it, which I’m aware sound ridiculous but basically I just think this track sounds good.

Tom: There are a lot of good elements but heavens, there are some irritating bits in here. Even the “change of heart” bit in the chorus, which initially sounded like a nice 80s throwback, started to grate for me by the end. This… is not for me.

Tim: But me? I press play, and I enjoy it. And that’s pretty much what I need from a track. Not to be blown away by it every time, but just to this “ahh, this is nice”.