Molly Sandén – Jag E (Vierge moderne)

“It can’t exactly be worse than Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme.”

Tim: Normally here I’d tell you what the title translates to, but I’ll explain later. Might as well just press play.

Tim: So, yes, I would discuss the lyrics, but they’re a bit of a surreal nonsense where she lists things she is, which include, amongst many others, a fruit, a sun ray, a bowl, and also a network of fish. There is a reason, though, which is that there’s a Swedish TV series where pop stars make songs from the words of poems.

Tom: Huh. I… I guess that’s a TV format. I don’t know what to say.

Tim: Nope, me neither, but since it can’t exactly be worse than Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme or All Together Now (I’m not linking to those, they don’t deserve it), we don’t really get to criticise.

Tom: Fair. Okay, so my standards for this have been knocked down from “big pop track” to “song made for a TV show”. Got it.

Tim: Given that restriction, as a song I’d say it’s pretty good. Sure, it may start out a bit ballady, but given the source material that’s hard to avoid, and it picks up soon enough into a pretty listenable song. Nicely rescued, record producer.

Tom: For the first time this week, you’re on my level of cynicism, and we agree.