MÖWE feat. Emy Perez – Down By The River

“Advance warning, if you need it: the first thing you’ll hear is jaunty whistling.”

Tim: Happy new year Tom! Officially, it’s still Christmas until Sunday; unofficially, anyone still listening to Christmas music is clearly in some sort of denial, so let’s move on. In fact, let’s move all the way to Austria for SUMMER. (Advance warning, if you need it: the first thing you’ll hear is jaunty whistling.)

Tim: Now, as I write this, I am in a sickeningly good mood (after a enormous amount of effort, finally got my New Year’s Eve costume sorted), so I don’t know if that’s affecting my view, but I really really like this track.

Tom: So usually at this point, I’ll say something like “it’s a good two-minute track, it’s just a pity that it’s four minutes long”. But this actually is about two minutes long, which is good, because damn if it wasn’t starting to drag by the end.

I think that your mood is affecting your review, though. It’s not offensive, but what stands out for you?

Tim: The chanting reminds me pleasantly of Alan Walker’s Darkside (sidebar: that guy puts on a flipping brilliant gig, albeit with slightly weird staging setup, and also his album’s pretty good as well), the verses never get annoyingly quiet, the “let the river flow” line sounds great, as does the repetitive bit at the end, and I even find the whistling enjoyable, as it has a lovely melody.

Tom: Yeah, I’m chalking this one up to your mood.

Tim: Top marks, I’m reckoning.

2 thoughts on “MÖWE feat. Emy Perez – Down By The River”

  1. The bit of it that I could get through was catchy; unfortunately the singer’s voice sounds pretty affected (I don’t mean the accent, I mean the throaty belting* and the mushrooming notes**) and it’s turning me off of the song HARD.

    *belting is supposed to be placed on the hard palate, not in the throat; doing it this way both produces a very grating, strident tone and will give you vocal cord nodules and all sorts of other Unpleasant Vocal Damage
    **actual technical musical term referring to a note that starts below pitch and quiet and has a kind of buWAH quality as the performer pulls it back in tune and crescendos with little control

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