Rasmussen – Go Beyond

“Stylistically it’s similar but PUMPED UP”

Tim: You may remember Rasumussen from the fairly impressive slightly Viking-y Higher Ground at Eurovision last year; here’s his somewhat belated follow up.

Tim: And I LOVE that.

Tom: And I’m indifferent! Business as usual, then. Why do you like it so much?

Tim: Stylistically it’s similar but PUMPED UP, and I don’t think that ever fails to improve a pop song (Time To Say Goodbye doesn’t count, wasn’t a pop song in the first place). We’ve similar millennium old instruments, even if they are almost entirely synthetic this time round, and they always work well for me.

Tom: So that does all make sense: but imagine if you hadn’t thought much of Higher Ground? Then PUMPING IT UP would just seem… well, still not that impressive. Admittedly I can remember the chorus after listing, which is usually a good sign, but this time I just don’t want to.

Tim: Higher Ground was one of my Eurovision favourites last year, and this just builds on that.