Sigrid – Don’t Feel Like Crying

“Well, that’s nice, I guess”

Tim: We’ve featured Sigrid a few times now, always positively, and part of me is starting to wonder when she’ll be noticed over here, Zara Larsson style. Here’s her latest.

Tom: I read that title and my first response was “well, that’s nice, I guess”.

Tim: There’s a reason I brought out the Zara Larsson comparison up there – stylistically, we’re very much on the same level. A strong dance pop sound, good vocals, great instrumentation, decent melodies, top production, nice effort put into the lyric video: it’s all there.

Tom: And yet the talky-middle-eight bit is arguably the only bit of the track I paid attention to. How can something with this much production, something that sounds like a good resurrection of the mid-2010s summer-dance style, sound so… generic?

Tim: It’s not a standout track, maybe, but it’s certainly competent, and I can’t help feeling that all it needs is one hungry A&R person to have a mosey. Maybe one day.