Sval – Breathe Easy

“That’s a good introduction!”

Tim: Bit of lovely pop for you today, from Sval who’s been off for aaaaaages, but has now started singing in English for us.

Tom: That’s a good introduction! And a promising first verse.

Tim: Isn’t it? A quiet verse perhaps, but with that intermittent high note that reminds remind of a lovely Sound of Arrows track, so that’s fine by me, and then that’s just an all-round great chorus.

Tom: It is, although I think again you’re being a bit too generous with “great” there. It’s good! It’s not bad! I mean, it’s not awful, certainly. It’s, sure, it’ll do.

Tim: The clapping back in from the middle eight works well, although it’s possibly a tad uninspired, and everything’s just pretty good, really. It’s a nice track.