VAX feat. Elise – What I Want

“DJ Sammy’s there to ease me into it.”

Tim: All Swedes here, with what is very, very much not my preferred type of music, and yet I found myself liking it the moment I pressed play. And then I realised it sounded a bit familiar.

Tim: So, that chorus: tell me I’m wrong.

Tom: I mean, it’s close. Not legally-actionable close, I’ll bet, and I’d be willing to put it down to just having a couple of composers, 35 years apart, playing with scales and coming up with something similar.

Tim: You’re right – probably just enough variation there not to get sued, but it actually gives enough of a positive spin on it that I actually quite enjoy the rest of the song. If it didn’t have that chorus, well, hard to know: the production, vocal skills and original bits of melody are all pretty good, so it’s case of whether the genre is okay, or whether DJ Sammy’s just there to ease me into it.

Tom: You know what helps? Pop music is getting shorter. There’s not enough material for even three minutes in here, and given the longer I listen the more I really want to hear the chorus of Heaven resolve, that’s probably for the best.

Tim: Either way, I like it.