Jenny Silver – Mitt innersta rum

“The saxophoning will, of course, be rated on a scale of zero to Careless Whisper.”

Tim: You may or may not know Jessica Andersson’s 2010 Melodifestivalen entry I Did It For Love. Either way, Jenny’s done a Swedish language cover, and I do hope you’re in the mood for some saxophoning.

Tom: I don’t know it, and I am! The saxophoning will, of course, be rated on a scale of zero to Careless Whisper.

Tom: I do like Swedish Mick Hucknall just awkwardly standing in the background with his sax there. I also like the steady build they’ve got going on before he gets his cue.

Tim: Nice, isn’t it? I had a lot of time for Jessica’s original, despite it being a fairly slow ballad, because the melody and lyrics were nice. Here – well, I don’t get the lyrics, but the tune’s still great, and that sax sounds…interesting, at least for the parts when it doesn’t sound like a rubber duck being squeezed.

Tom: It’s about 0.2 Raffertys, and that’s a log scale. But at least we know he was playing it live? Probably?

Tim: To be honest, part of me wants that guy to get if not joint billing then at the very least a feat., because I’m fairly sure he’s doing more work than she is. But it sounds good. I’m fairly sure it sounds good.

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  1. Tom you’ve got to be more specific about the Scale of Saxiness. (or perhaps it’s the Saxuality Spectrum?) How many Raffertys is a Careless Whisper? Where do Edge of Glory, True and Run Away with Me rate on this?

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