Rein – Electric

“Most of this is just a load of noise”

Tim: “Hej, is that Patrik? Yeah, so I don’t know if you know it but there was a song came out a while ago called Electric and we wondered if your client Rein would fancy covering it for us, we’re really into electric right now. We’d pay for a fancy video for it and everything, and no-one’ll really know we’re involved. Sound good? Cool, I’ll send the deets over now.”

Tim: So. Much like the original, most of this is just a load of noise and, let’s face it, garbage.

Tom: Most of it, sure, but that is a very, very good synth line under that verse. The vocals might grate a bit, but that at least kept me from switching off.

Tim: If you can bear to stay with it for a minute or so, turns out it has a pretty good chorus. And if you keep listening for another minute or so, it would seem to have really good version of that chorus.

Tom: It’s an odd one, isn’t it? I don’t know what genre this counts as, other than “sounds like it’d turn up on a Japanese rhythm game soundtrack”.

Tim: And the weird thing is that the way it’s done, and the style of the chorus, mean I could genuinely see this being entered to Eurovision by some eastern European country thinking “sod it, this sounds good”. Wouldn’t get past the semi-final, mind, but I could absolutely see it happening.

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