voXXclub feat. Paveier – Leev Marie

“They really do just seem to be having fun.”

Tim: Tom, I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 recently, and I’m fairly invested, and I’ll be honest: things aren’t going well. Things are, in fact, going about as badly as they possibly could be going, though I won’t say anything else here in case our reader doesn’t want spoilers.

Tom: Are you about to send me a sad cowboy-themed track?

Tim: Long story short, I want cheering up, and where better to go for that than my favourite German pop YouTube channel?

Tim: voXXclub, if you don’t remember, went for Eurovision selection last year with one of my favourite rejects, based purely on the fact they were plain and simple enjoying themselves.

Tom: It’s like Hermes House Band if they somehow made it even less serious and more blokey. I tried to translate the lyrics, and the only sensible takeaway I could get was “I’m not a man for one night”. You’re right: they really do just seem to be having fun.

Tim: And that’s just what they do, and it’s infectious, and from just a few seconds in with this song I had a massive “what the f…” smile on my face. As I’m typing this, the fake ending’s just happened and now I’m in fits of giggles.

Tom: I was expecting a massive “HEY!” at the end and I got one. No complaints. This might not be the best track we’ve talked about for a while, but it’s certainly the most enjoyable.

Tim: This song is absolutely ridiculous and glorious and I absolutely love it.

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  1. Tim’s favorite German pop Youtube channel continues to be completely unavailable stateside.

    Working link for les americains: https://youtu.be/mg6R2MFYF9I

    You couldn’t get anything coherent out of Google Translate because the song is written in DIALECT GERMAN (Kölsch/Colognian, I think, in case Tom wants to nerd-snipe himself), which is always a trip and a half… a basic summary of the lyrics is that he’s being pursued by women galore, in particular one named Marie who won’t get off his case about a one night stand, but he’s not interested in that and only wants to look for true love. Rather the opposite of the message most dance music pushes, so that’s nice.

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