Jessica Andersson – På dejt med mig

“I’m not sure doubling that key change would be legal, Tim.”

Tim: The first half second of this is reminiscent of her entry (as part of Fame) into Eurovision 2003, and it doesn’t disappoint after that.

Tom: Well, that’s straight out of the 80s, isn’t it?

Tim: LOVE a good bit of disco schlager – I mean. which normal person doesn’t? – and it’s nice to know that all the skills are still there.

Tom: Full marks for actually including a proper double-clap, and for — I’m fairly sure — ripping off a James Bond chord progression in the verse.

Tim: It’s not flawless – I’d happily lose twenty seconds of the rinse and repeat leading up to the middle eight, because it does get a tad tedious, and I’d at least double the level of that key change.

Tom: I’m not sure doubling that key change would be legal, Tim. It’s already audacious.

Tim: THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE. But the genre is fabulous, they ramp up to said key change is excellent, and all in it’s a lovely listen.

Tom: I’m not sure I’d actually want this on a playlist, but I’m glad it exists.

Tim: Very glad indeed.