Lina Hedlund – Victorious

“Oh, it is so nice to have camp pop up on stage like this.”

Tim: QUEENA Hedlund, more like.

Tom: I mean, she didn’t win, so Princess at best.

Tim: Oh, shush.

Tom: Full marks for using the Theiss Titillation Theory on that costume.

Tim: Good, isn’t it? And after seeing that costume, BLOODY HELL was next up in my basic thoughts when this got going, followed by a HOLY FLIPPING HECK when the sparks shot, because oh, it is so nice to have camp pop up on stage like this.

Tom: It’s a very “what the British think Eurovision is” sort of song, isn’t it? Heck of a chorus, really nice staccato middle eight, not actually going to be voted for.

Tim: Well, yes, very true. But still, wow. Throughout the first couple of verses you’re waiting for her to march down those steps, wondering what’ll happen when she gets to the bottom, but then it seems that there’s nothing, oh but hang on here are some backing dancers, oh no but they’ve gone, and wait OH THERE IT IS. What a performance. What a song. What a woman.