Måns Zelmerlöw & Dotter – Walk With Me

“A slightly curious situation“

Tim: It’s only been eight months since we last heard from Dotter, but it’s been a full two and a half years since we last heard new music from Måns, so the question we should be asking is quite simply:

Tom: “Wait, I can’t remember Dotter, who are they?” Sorry, that’s probably not the question you were on about. What was your question?


Tim: Yes, yes it is, and quite a lot of good at that. Intro that says “hello, I am a piece of modern pop music”, first verse that continues in that vein and also brings in Måns’s lovely vocal, and then we straight into the great chorus.

Tom: This snuck up on me: through the first half of it, I was ready to dismiss it as just another mediocre track, but somehow by the end it had won me over.

Tim: When Dotter comes along we do get the slightly curious situation of two people singing “yes I’m a bit rubbish but please stay with me” directly at each other, instead of just wrapping up after Dotter’s first line with a quick “oh, great, let’s go then”, though I guess that wouldn’t have made for much of a song so I guess I can manage.

Tom: Maybe they’re both singing it at different people simultaneously. Although that’d make it even more confusing. Anyway, the song does suffer from The Best Bit’s The Middle Eight Syndrome, doesn’t it?

Tim: Well, slightly, although the truly lovely part for me is after the sort of fake ending after the middle eight, when we come back with a chorus that is bigger and better than everything prior to it, for a wonderful close. All in all, great stuff.

1 thought on “Måns Zelmerlöw & Dotter – Walk With Me”

  1. I saw the name Måns Zelmerlöw; I was hoping for another Hope and Glory – which anyone who religiously reads not only this blog, but also the comments (so, like, Tim and nobody else) may remember as a song I really, genuinely loved immediately upon hearing it.

    Sadly, this didn’t really deliver.

    It’s a nice enough song, it’s just generic. Like… long story short but for reasons I won’t be disclosing, I was recently held captive by a group of ten year olds and forced to play all the latest bubblegum-y kid-friendly pop hits and “Roblox songs” (their words, not mine) and this song sounds like if you had used an AI to mix up all of those songs and take the exact average of them and somehow turn that back into listenable music. It’s fine, it’s inoffensive, but it’s nothing unique or instantly memorable.

    Nonetheless, with Måns recording again maybe he’ll put out something that does turn my head soon… I’ll keep my eye out.

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