Saturday Reject: Arja Saijonmaa – Mina fyra årstider

“It would have done very well in the 1970s.”

Tim: Tom, would you care to learn about one of the greatest injustices ever to have occurred in the entirety of human history?

Tom: On the assumption that you’re talking about a Melodifestivalen reject and not actual depressing history, then, sure.

Tim: This came last in its heat.

Tim: Yes, it turned me off from the very first second. And yes, when she appeared I thought ‘oh, bloody hell’.

Tom: I’ll be honest, I was wondering what was wrong with you through that whole first verse. That’s a lovely song for children or for middle-of-the-road radio airplay, I thought, but it’s not exactly Eurovi– but then.

Tim: BUT THEN. In not too short an amount of time, that utterly delightful chorus came along, and everything became marvellous.

Tom: I mean, “marvellous” is a strong term. I’ll go for “not terrible”.

Tim: The song’s title translates to ‘My Four Seasons’, and it’s about how all year round the earth seems lovely when she and the song’s target are together. And with that message, the sudden joyous display of energy in the chorus and that sheet blowing around behind her like she’s some sort of fairy, this song does have quite a bit going for it.

Maybe it didn’t deserve to come first – scratch that, actually, I’m not sure it even deserved to graduate to Andra Chansen – but last? That’s just upsetting.

Tom: It would have done very well in the 1970s Eurovision, I reckon.