Saturday Reject: Pagan Fury – Stormbringer

“I’m already sad it got rejected.”

Tim: From the title and act name alone, you’ve probably got an idea of what’s to come; you’ll not be far off.

Tom: I’m already sad it got rejected.

Tim: Bottom of its heat, which isn’t all that surprising, but what I do love, any time a heavy metal band gets into Melodifestivalen, is how although large parts of the songs are inevitably loud, shouty and often a bit upsetting, they instantly switch into nice and melodic pop rock for the chorus.

Tom: Let’s be honest, this is a discount Nightwish track, with an odd shoutout to Credence Clearwater Revival. It’s schlager with slightly heavier guitars. Although fair play to the vocalist, while the song’s not too spectacular, she’s doing a heck of a job with it.

Tim: She is indeed, which is nice, because this is a really good example that fits nicely with the formula. Verses are alright, pre-chorus is painful, but that’s a really good chorus which with different backing could make a perfectly decent pop number. Fun.

Tom: Fun, but just not popular.

Tim: Yeah. Shame, that.