SINNAH – Running Wild

“I remain completely unmoved by it!”

Tim: Here is a song where, in a break with tradition, I will be talking exclusively about the song.

Tom: Finally. This does, however, almost guarantee that I won’t like the music.

Tim: Because that chorus is just wonderful, and that’s mainly what caught my ear, with the beating drums and everything.

Tom: I remain completely unmoved by it! It’s OK, sure, but… you remember this obscure track, Lionheart, that we talked about years ago? They feel similar to me — but that was entirely pop, whereas this might be trying to be something more, and it’s not quite making it.

Tim: Hmm, ish, and I guess this could be trying for a bit of a dancier vibe, but that’s certainly no bad thing. That is still a top track, though.

Tom: I’ll grant you that, by the final chorus, I didn’t think this was bad. It just wasn’t spectacular either.

Tim: Thing is, after being attracted by that chorus, I’m listening to it again properly and the rest of it just strikes me as lovely as well. Particularly her vocals in that pre-chorus, gentle and melodic, and beautifully in contrast with what’s about to unfold. And that middle eight as well, all quiet and mild, and calm, and suddenly BANG in come the drums for the close. It’s fabulous, all of it.