Georgia – About Work The Dancefloor

“Arpeggiators set to maximum, captain.”

Tim: Second release off a new UK act, presumably taking advantage of the fact that CHVRCHES are off a bit making new music, and taking that opportunity to carve out a place for herself.

Tom: That’s the least grammatical title I’ve seen in a while.

Tim: Oh, hush.

Tom: Yesterday, we talked about the start of the upcoming 90s revival; this sounds like some of the last parts of the 80s revival. Arpeggiators set to maximum, captain.

Tim: Up until the chorus came along I was very “yep, okay, standard, this’ll do”, but THEN. The chorus arrives, the song jumps up a notch or twenty, and suddenly there’s something very definitely worth listening to that I like a lot.

Tom: Really? I just don’t like that vocoder: she’s got a great voice, but mangled through that effect it grates for me. Which is a shame, because the rest of it’s really quite nice.

Tim: Hmm, see, I first heard that vocoder as a featured male vocal, which made it work fine for me. The production’s lovely, her vocals throughout are great (particularly in, of all places, that very last line, which has a lovely melody), ad then yep, there’s that great chorus. And a disco house on fire in the video, what’s not to like?