Scooter & Harris & Ford – God Save The Rave


Tom: Alas, they haven’t finally remixed the British national anthem. But this may be the most Scooter-y Scooter track in a long while.

Tim: I look forward to hearing it, but first: ‘Harris & Ford’ is a fantastic act name.

Tim: Oh, boy is that good.

Tom: Sure, they’re not pitching-up samples of famous songs any more. (Presumably they prefer getting all the money for songwriting.)

Tim: Fine by me – the pattern’s still the same, after all, and the melody for this one is just fantastic.

Tom: This is the closest we’re going to get, and you know what? I can’t reasonably mock anyone with the self-confidence to shout, apparently seriously, the lyric “I AM THE CAPTAIN. MY NAME IS DAVE.”

Tim: Strong lyric, and indeed a strong rave. I love this, it’s great.