Elisabet – Heart Beats

A closing section that’s just very much ‘aaah, yeah…’

Tim: This song, from an Icelandic artist, is almost five minutes long; normally, that’d make me bin a song off immediately. And yet…

Tim: …most of it is really good! Sure, it is a full minute or so before anything interesting happens, and sure, that only lasts for forty seconds or so, before it goes a bit dull for about another minute.

Tom: That would be half of the song’s runtime, there.

Tim: Yes, true, BUT, from that point (i.e. 2:37) on, it’s lovely. A strong chorus, a very strong middle eight with a hefty group chorus backing, and a closing section that’s just very much ‘aaah, yeah…’ in style.

Tom: The production is spot on, too: even through compression, each element, from the synth pads in the background through to those vocals, can just about be heard in the mix. That’s difficult with a track this complex.

Tim: Basically, I am very much happy to press play, pick up my phone and scroll through Twitter, and then a minute or so later think ‘oh, nice’. And for a long song? Yeah, that’ll do.