Frans feat. Yoel905 – Do It Like You Mean It

“A brief trip to 1990s Belgium, because that’s as good a time and place as any to revisit.”

Tim: You remember Frans, who was exceptionally boring at Eurovision for Sweden three years ago, and then did a bit more boring stuff? Well, he came back earlier this year with a new track, which we didn’t feature because, duh, it was really boring. But NOW…it’s different!

Tom: …no, it’s not?

Tim: What? Of course it is – it’s summery, and there’s excitement in the air, along with a brief trip to 1990s Belgium, because that’s as good a time and place as any to revisit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Tom: Blimey, that’s an obscure reference I’d never have spotted. What an odd choice.

Tim: Unusual, isn’t it, but it does work, brining a lot of life into it. You disagree?

Tom: I can’t understand why you think this is so much more interesting, though: it still feels like the rest of Frans’s songs to me, albeit with a slightly better sample in the background. It’s a poor song when I think the middle eight’s the best bit.

Tim: Perhaps, but then there is that sample in the background, which elevates the song significantly. I won’t get my hopes up about the new and interesting sound, mind, as there’s every chance it’s a one off and a few months from now we may well being falling asleep by the second verse again, but it’s nice that we’ve got this to appreciate until then. Hell, I’ll even accept his featured artist, who laudably has taken efficiency over creativity by just using his Twitter handle as his stage name. Why not?