Medina – Sir Det Ikk

“Curious message, but hey ho, we’ve got a decent song about it.”

Tim: Says Medina, in her native Danish, “Don’t Say It”.

Tom: Video editors haven’t got bored of the VHS filter yet, then. Anyway, sorry, yes. “Don’t Say It”.

Tim: More specifically, the message is ‘don’t tell anyone you think I’m amazing, particularly not your current girlfriend’. Curious message, but hey ho, we’ve got a decent song about it so I’m not complaining.

Tom: Well, we got a decent chorus, at least. The rest… well, it certainly is a song.

Tim: That is, after all, an absolutely lovely chorus, and while it may not have the big energy of a truly amazing pop song, it does have a delightful melody, sounding brilliant coming in after that pre-chorus gap (which I’ve checked, and it isn’t just there for the video). Three and a half minutes of delight, here, only slightly spoiled by thirty seconds of garbage on the front of the video.

Tom: And about five seconds in the middle, just to make sure you’ll play it through Spotify instead.

Tim: Well, obviously. And why wouldn’t you? The music’s fabulous.