ABREU – Sytyn

“The production on here is just great.”

Tim: Anna Abreu, who we’ve not featured for several years now, has rebranded, and re-genred: it’s time for a not-quite-too-late SUMMER BANGER. (Incidentally, the title doesn’t translate to ‘Satan’, as I was initially hoping, but instead to ‘Light Up’.)

Tom: That starts well, doesn’t it?

Tim: Bit of tropicality in there, a good amount of synthed up background vocals, and a hell of a lot of good dance beats. The production on here is just great.

Tom: The production is excellent throughout: whoever’s mixed this has spent a lot of time to bring out the best in those vocals in front of some quite complex instrumentation.

Tim: The bit that really made me think ‘yes, this is as it should be’ is the quick series of drums beats we hear halfway through and at the end of each verse (first at 0:13, then 0:23). It’s a small thing, and the song would still sound great if it wasn’t there – but it is, and it shows that a lot of thought has been put into this track, making it as good as it can be. And I think it succeeds.