Nea – Some Say


Tim: So, I could introduce this by saying that New is the stage name of previously writer-only Linnea Södahl, or that the song is about love that will never be reciprocated, but neither of those things is even vaguely important, relative to what actually happens in the song.

Tom: What.

Tim: So, that is one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard in a long while. Straight sampling: fine. Redoing in a different genre: sure, why not (unless you’re Calum Scott). Doing this to it: again, can be okay (and in fact I’ve feeling this has already happened earlier this year, but I’m damned if can remember the specifics). BUT, what ludicrous set of circumstances would make you think “ooh, Eiffel 65 wrote a melody that everyone associates with late 90s novelty eurodance and it was a big one-off hit, I should use on this ballad I’m writing”?

Tom: It is very, very strange. Maybe it’s targeted at Gen-Z kids who won’t know the original well but might know the melody? After all, that’s basically what Pitbull did with Feel This Moment, albeit in the other direction, and he mostly got away with it.

Tim: Well, mainly because that was just Pitbull being Pitbull, we expect stuff like that. The cynical part of me is wondering if she’s only decided to launch her singing career because every established artist she’s sent it to has given it a hard pass but she was certain it’s a winner; I’m sure as hell not certain it is.

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