3JS – De Toekomst

“I’m just surprised.”

Tom: This was on Dutch radio when I was driving through the Netherlands, and it sounded like something out of the early 2000s. Nope: released last month.

Tim: Hmm. Quite nice.

Tom: I’m not saying it’s a great song. It’s not terrible, either; I quite like it.

Tim: Yeah, there’s plenty of things to enjoy about it.

Tom: I’m just surprised that, somehow, something that sounds like it came from the Dutch equivalent of a two-decade-old Barenaked Ladies album is getting airplay on middle-of-the-road Dutch radio stations.

Tim: I don’t know, genres vary, popularity changes by country – hell, over here we’ve still got Westlife coming out with new stuff that doesn’t sound particularly different from their old music. Here’s to the old ones, long may they continue.