Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Elin Oskal – The Way You Make Me Feel

“It’s joik time!”

Tim: I dd initially hope this’d be a Ronan Keating cover, because that’s a severely underrated track.

Tom: I mean, sure, go for the obscure reference over the obvious one. Mind you, you’re not wrong.

Tim: On the other hand, I’m always up for a new Jon Henrik track.

Tom: It’s joik time!

Tom: Good heavens, that’s a beautiful video. I suppose “put the singers in Scandic nature at golden hour, film them with expensive cameras” is basically a shortcut to having a beautiful video, but still. Some very odd choices in there (odd warp stabilisation, and a shot that appears to be crushed into the wrong aspect ratio), but still.

Tim: Right, well if we were to go with points out of ten, I would dock precisely one point: thing is, we all know he’s all in favour of a truly excellent key change, and the end of the middle eight here would be an absolutely perfect location for one, basically to the extent that it seems wrong that there isn’t one.

Tom: It does have a full fake-ending though, with a brilliant final chorus.

Tim: Having said that, though, that is the one and only thing I would dock a point for, because everything else about it is entirely and totally lovely. He’s brought along what’s pretty much the same melody he uses for his part every time–

Tom: Harsh, but not entirely unfair.

Tim: –given the featured singer some great work to do, stuck some fantastic production over the whole thing and wrapped it all together in a phenomenally pretty video. Almost faultless. Almost.