Saturday Flashback: Unicorn Kid – Feel So Real

Tom: I’ve been driving around the US, which means that — as long as I’m in a city — I’ve been listening to Pride Radio, which appears to play nothing but DANCE BANGERS. And adverts for PrEP.

Tim: Not a single word of that paragraph surprises me.

Tom: Anyway, I don’t know why I’ve never heard this before, because it sounds like someone crossed Galantis and Daft Punk.

Tom: See what I mean? Those early synths, that energetic vocal: all Galantis. But then you’ve got that breakdown before the second chorus, arpeggiators and interesting chord progressions, and those synths in the middle eight: that sounds like Daft Punk to me.

Tim: That’s an entirely accurate dissection, there, of what’s a pretty great track. Although, admittedly, not as good as that Jenna Drey number you linked to.

Tom: There’s Unicorn Kid’s own style on top of it, of course. And it’s such a good style! Or at least, it was until I clicked on the next recommended track and got a chorus of chanting children. Never mind.

Tim: Ah, yeah, I see why you wouldn’t like it. I think it’s pretty good, though. 

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  1. “I’ve been listening to Pride Radio” did Tom come out at some point and I missed it? Because I can definitely find many a post on the earlier days of this blog where Tom is like “gay men are your department, Tim, not mine, and also literally the Only thing I noticed about this song was the tits on the girls in the video”

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