Westlife – Without You

“At some point, we should probably stop covering every Westlife single.”

Tom: At some point, we should probably stop covering every Westlife single.

Tim: Oh, I don’t know, I think it’s nice that someone’s doing it.

Tom: Well, this is not that point. Particularly as the album came out on Friday.

Tom: I had the usual ‘modern Westlife track’ reaction to this: got distracted and forgot it was playing during the first verse, then perked up at the chorus. And then — which is a departure from normal — actually started listening properly at the second bit of the chorus.

Tim: See, I was deliberately paying attention, but still had the same “ooh!” reaction to the chorus coming, when the first cymbal hit.

Tom: I’m sure I’ve heard that piano counterpoint melody in the chorus somewhere before — between that and the guitar behind the middle eight, it really sounds like they’ve taken some style tips from Coldplay. That’s not a bad thing at all.

Tim: No, no even slightly. I wouldn’t say no to a key change, mind, but aside from that this is fine. 

Tom: Frankly, this sounds like a big emotional number from a soundtrack, and I think it’s probably the best one off the album.