La Roux – Automatic Driver

“Maybe you’re expecting too much?”

Tom: In For The Kill is more than ten years old now. 

Tim: Huh – I’m fairly sure you’re saying that as a “God, that’s a long time”, but I think I’d actually have placed it as older than that. But anyway, she’s still on!

Tom: Possibly controversial opinion: this is a song that perpetually feels like it’s about to go somewhere, and then doesn’t.

Tim: Controversial maybe, but I won’t disagree with you. On the other hand, In For The Kill, and much of their other stuff, never really went in for Big Banging Numbers, and I think this is the same. Maybe you’re expecting too much?

Tom: It is absolutely full of promise. The production is incredible, the vocals are great, and the whole track sounds suitably modern and retro at the same time. It’s even got a repeat-until-fade!

Tim: Indeed, because everything it wants to do is right there.

Tom: It’s just that the chorus sounds like a verse to me: perhaps because there’s not much differentiation between the two.

Tim: No – but nonetheless, it sounds okay. 

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