Saturday Flashback: Texas Lightning – No No Never

“You’re singing along even though you’ve never heard it before.”

Tom: There’s not much to write about in early January, is there? Bieber’s latest sounds like a parody, a mumbling baby-talk mess. I can’t even think of an appropriate Saturday Flashback. But you know what? Yesterday we talked about Euro-not-quite-country: this time we’re talking going FULL GERMAN FAUXMERICAN BLUEGRASS. Eurovision. 2006. Fourteen years ago.

Tom: They’d finished in last place the year before. This managed 14th.

Tim: And yep, that feels entirely an appropriate place for this to end up. It is nice, though – the sort of song where somehow you’re singing along to the first line of the first chorus, even though you’ve never ever heard it before.

Tom: At least the guy with the double bass seemed like he was having fun.

Tim: Oh, I think they all do, really – and quite right too.

1 thought on “Saturday Flashback: Texas Lightning – No No Never”

  1. Sad that there’s more steel guitar and Stratocaster-type sound* to this than to most stuff actually on the country charts these days.

    The singer’s voice needs to be stronger and more of a belting tone to really pull it off, though. She sounds at times like she’s struggling to keep up with the song and get sound out at all, which is keeping her from putting any sort of style on it. With someone who could actually pull off a LeeAnn Rimes/Trisha Yearwood/Reba type vibe, it could cross the line from “close miss” to “ok, this actually works”

    *almost definitely not an actual Stratocaster but I get the effect they were going for and I appreciate the effort

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