Smith & Thell – Goliath

“Here for your delectation, an excellent song and a video that largely misses the point.”

Tim: Here for your delectation, an excellent song and a video that largely misses the point.

Tim: Oh, isn’t that just lovely?

Tom: What a spectacular introduction! That set the mood for me: I think the track is brilliant, and I think that’s mostly due to that introduction making me go “oh, wow”.

Tim: We have Of Monsters and Men level brass, and not far off that level of excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement to say YES, I am AMAZING, I can DO ANYTHING, I can BEAT THE WORLD and sod anybody who says otherwise.

Tom: It takes confidence and style to pull something like this off, and they’ve got both.

Tim: And so what if the video misses the point, showing nothing except them having been tiny all along and the giant that they theoretically are looking entirely miserable?

Tom: To be fair, the lyrics don’t make sense: Goliath was the giant. But never mind.

Tim: This is all about the music, and the music here is absolutely fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Smith & Thell – Goliath”

  1. Ended up in old videos to Tom’s website to this blog (I may have not slept, but it’s been a hilarious ride) and honestly I really needed this song right now. The lyrics are slightly nonsense, sure, but when they land they Land. Europop usually isn’t my thing if it’s not a capella Germans complimenting Halle Berry in a diss track at their collective ex, but I really did like this!

    Very much hearing — and seeing — the Of Monsters and Men vibe too.

  2. I was surprised when I first heard the chorus, too but, assuming you can’t really title a song ‘Goliath’ without knowing that he was the giant killed by David, I have rationalized the apparent idiosyncracy as follows: since the song indirectly mentions Greta and common people’s efforts in a difficult world, the fact that she sings ‘”now’ I’m Goliath’ may imply that she has internalized what it takes to be ‘big’. Also, ‘standing on the head [technically, shoulders] of the giant’ was not really about Goliath but Neo-Platonic philosopher Bernard of Chartres. Regards.

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