Ava Max – Kings & Queens

“Something about the notes, the cadence, the harmonies…”

Tom: “What does this remind me of?” I wondered, on the opening about it. Something about the notes, the cadence, the harmonies…

Tom: …oh, yep, never mind, got it.

Tim: Ah, see I went immediately into “If I was a woman…” (and it turns out the writer of that, and, FUN FACT, the song Bonnie Tyler entered Eurovision with, is credited here), but yeah, yours is even more so. That might even beat Still In Love With Potato Waffles.

Tom: I mean, there’s more that I could point out here: the dick joke, the fact we’ve got two middle eights including an electric guitar solo like it’s the 90s, but mainly I just want to point out that it sounds a lot like a Coca-Cola jingle that, infuriatingly, is still trapped in my head decades later.

Tim: Well, get an updated version trapped in your head instead.

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