Melanie C – Who I Am

“Fits the nightmare art-gallery-of-self music video.”

Tom: She’s back! Well, actually she was back in December but we didn’t notice.

Tim: Hmm. That did not start out in the genre I was expecting, given the last time we featured her (which still holds up).

Tom: A “very personal song” to her, apparently, which fits the nightmare art-gallery-of-self music video.

Tim: Lyrics certainly hold that up as well.

Tom: I don’t really know what to make of it: it sounds a lot like something that could have been on a Mel C album a couple of decades back, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the fans. I do wonder if anyone else is going to pay much attention to it — although, frankly, if you have an audience, aiming directly at them isn’t a bad strategy.

Tim: Yeah – I’ve always enjoyed her music, and it very much feels targeted toward my tastes. THere’s very little for me to complain about here.

Tom: And hey, I could sing the chorus after one listen, that’s always a good sign.

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